A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is my entry for the Ludum Dare 41 Game Jam. The theme was "combine two incompatible genres" but in the end I decided to combine two genres of game which I myself thoroughly enjoy (Tower Defence and Farm Simulation).

The game is still fairly buggy with lots of missing or unused content but since this is just a prototype and I wanted to at least submit something for the game jam on time. Should I continue to work on the game I plan on adding:

  • More crops (To upgrade towers with OR to sell for another resource)
  • More turret types and upgrades
  • More maps
  • More enemies

This game was really just a test of skill to see what I would be capable of producing over a single weekend for the game jam.

Install instructions


Download and extract zip file (Make sure the exe and data folder are within the same directory, not directly inside each other)

Run exe file


RedRockHarvest.zip 33 MB
RedRockHarvestMac.zip 35 MB
RedRockHarvestMac64-bit.zip 35 MB
RedRockHarvestLinux.zip 39 MB

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